Porcelain Curling Irons Review

admin December 6, 2019 Lifestyle

It’s no secret that the key to styling is having the best hair appliances and products available. The difficult thing is finding the best type of product for your hair type and desired look. For women who want to add volume or a little curl to liven up their look, […]

No Tweeze Wax Products

admin December 6, 2019 Lifestyle

Waxing the eyebrows is no recent trend. In fact, as early as 60 B.C, Egyptian women began removing unwanted hair by “sugaring” which involves making a sticky solution out of sugar and water. When the solution was stuck to the hair, they would give it a yank which pulled the […]

No Tweeze Hard Wax Review

admin December 5, 2019 Lifestyle

Hair removal is one of the fastest growing markets within the personal care industry. What distinguishes one method from another is whether or not skin irritation is caused from the removal process. Whether it is through laser, threading, shaving, or waxing, women are always seeking ways to effectively remove unwanted […]

Pink Nail Polish Review

admin December 4, 2019 Lifestyle

Merchant ServicesPink nail polishes have always been super popular and new shades continuously pop up in nail care collections all the time. Recently, pale ballerina pinks have become exceptionally popular but hot pinks are popping up here and there for summer months. There are many different types of pink nail […]

Nexxus Products Review

admin December 4, 2019 Lifestyle

Ever look at those models in magazines or actresses on your favorite television shows? Do you wonder how they get shiny, thick, fantastic hair and how it seems to look good ALL the time? Lets face it, we cant look model worthy at all times (not even models can) but […]