No Tweeze Wax Products

admin December 6, 2019 Lifestyle

Waxing the eyebrows is no recent trend. In fact, as early as 60 B.C, Egyptian women began removing unwanted hair by “sugaring” which involves making a sticky solution out of sugar and water. When the solution was stuck to the hair, they would give it a yank which pulled the […]

Orly Professional Nail Polish

admin December 9, 2019 Lifestyle

Orly nail polish has been a favorite in the beauty industry since 1975 when Jeff Pink (cool name for a finger nail polish mogul, right!?) founded the company. Motivated by a single idea to innovate natural nail care Pink created cutting-edge products designed to meet the needs of salon professionals, […]

What Shampoo Should I Use

admin December 8, 2019 Lifestyle

With such the variety of shampoo on the market, it’s no wonder why we get confused which one is best for our own unique hair needs. Here are a few suggestions that should help make the correct decision as to which type of shampoo you should be using. First, we […]

Oster Hair Clippers Review

admin December 10, 2019 Lifestyle

With the launch of a revolutionary hair clipper, the John Oster Manufacturing Company, forged its path to become a favored choice for hair stylists and grooming professionals. The company put down its roots in 1924, and today, Oster still supplies the professional hair market with extraordinary hair clippers, hair trimmers, […]

Online Beauty Supply Store | Hair Care Products | Nail Care

admin December 8, 2019 Lifestyle

How to add an item to your registry On every product page you will notice a button labeled “Add to Registry” located under the “Add to Wishlist” button. When clicked, if you have a account, you can login from the popup window. If you do not yet have an […]